Series ALC

The ideal machine for Aluminium drilling and routing
Drilling and routing of PCB´s that contain aluminium for thermal management becomes more and more an issue. To do this a special machine is required. The reason for this is that the process is different than drilling or routing of standard PCB´s. First of all the required spindle torque and the side force are much higher compared to standard PCB´s. The second reason is that the tools need to be cooled and lubricated, because the aluminium smears.

Dry routing will cause a bad surface, big burrs and a short tool life and because of the generated heat a very low routing speed. Standard PCB drilling and routing machines have not the capability of cooling the tools. That is the reason why Lenz developed a machine with the above mentioned features.

Spindel switch over
The machine is equipped with 2 spindles with different collet systems.

One has a 1/8” shank collet for standard tools and is manly used for drilling.

The other has a collet for 6mm shank tools to give more stability for the routing process.

Lubrication system

The routing spindle is equipped with a lubrication system inside of the pressure foot to cool and lubricate the tools as mentioned before. This machine allows fast and accurate routing of aluminium PCB´s with a perfect finish.