Free Form Scoring Machine

With this system it is possible to have different shaped tools in the same program.

Scoring Both sides
The board can be scored both sides simultaneously. Any two dimension geometric shape can be scored without turning the board manual. The scoring depth can be set up individually for each side within the program. Exact jump scoring is supported.

Tool change
The scoring machine SLG has an automatic tool change system with tool length measurement. This ensures the highest accuracy for controlling the routing depth and it also enable a fast tool set up.

Bevelling of PCB«s
Bevels can be easily produced on one side, both sides simultaneously and even inside of the PCB.

Vertical Operation
The design of the SLG to allow the vertical positioning of the boards was developed to enable scoring even with thin materials. Another positive feature of the vertical operation is the optimized debris extraction by the vacuum. The compact machine dimensions allows ease of use and loading enclosed within a small footprint.

Pneumatically clamping system
The panels are located in pins and clamped pneumatically. Even thin PCBs can be scored perfectly because of the vertical positioning. An optional frame to clamp the boards all around supports Flex materials without any problems.

Flexible scoring of PCB
To manufacture electronic assemblies more economically, smaller PCBs can be arranged on a larger panel and split afterwards. There are various solutions to do this, one method to “V-Score” the whole panel and then break the smaller PCBs out after they are populated, assembled and tested. Lenz has developed a new V-Scoring machine solution for this process the SLG. The outstanding feature of the SLG is the huge flexibility; as opposed to the standard V-scoring machines, it is possible with the Lenz SLG to score any two dimensional geometrical shape including diagonals or rounded corners. It is also possible to score in both the X- and Ydirection without turning the board manually.

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