The PCB punching machine

The punching machine for PCB´s with automatically optical alignment
The Lenz punching machine is designed for high precision punching. It has an optical alignment function integrated directly within the punching tool for high accuracy punching.

Compact and simple punching tool changes
With traditional punching machines the changing of the punching tool is a very complicated and a time consuming process, unlike the Lenz PPM 610 which has been designed to be quick and easy. The punching tool is mounted as one part in the machine. The bottom section of the tool is held by springs in its zero position while the upper section is held by a permanent magnet. The guides for the Z-axis are situated on the machine and the tool. This feature significantly reduces the costs of the punching tool.

Easy programming in Sieb & Meyer code

The punching programmes are in Sieb & Meyer code. The PC based CNC provides the operator with the actual punching position on a graphic and a numerical display. There are several options for automatic alignment, whether by individual punching steps, punching a row or by aligning the entire panel.