DRB 610 1+1 Series

DRB 1+1 Series Precision for your production

The DRB 610 1+1 is the result of a fundamental redesign of our existing product line and is characterized by its compact design which enables space-saving, side-by-side installation. In addition to speed and accuracy, operational efficiency and service friendliness were the main focus areas of the new design. The linear motor technology, which LENZ introduced 1993 as the first machine manufacturer in the PCB industry, has been updated significantly as part of the redesign. Weight optimization of all critical moving parts and a new, highly dynamic Z axis have led to material gains in accuracy, speed and energy efficiency.

Pressure foot technology
The DRB 610 1+1 features a redesigned pressure foot. Optimized for depth routing processes, the new version of the pressure foot, which LENZ presented in 2005 as the first European machine manufacturer, continues to lead the market.

Automatic loading and unloading system
The DRB 610 1+1 has an automated, space-efficient loading and unloading system which is attached to the rear of the machine. The newly designed system with 20 shelves accepts stacks of different formats and thereby removes the need for manual conversion. This makes prototyping and serial production both more efficient and less error prone.

The telescopic loading system
The telescopic loading system transports stacks in a precise and reliable way. By mounting the system underneath the crossbar, all slots in the machine table could be eliminated. The resulting evenness of the surface further increased Z axis precision.

CCD camera system
To meet future high accuracy standards, the DRB 610 1+1 is equipped with a CCD camera system. The system measures the positions of holes and fiducials on the outer layer which allows the CNC to move, rotate and scale the program accordingly. For multilayer processing, inner layer detection is available.

Depth controlled drilling and routing
Great emphasis was placed on depth controlled drilling and routing which are applications of increasing importance. A second measuring system at the pressure foot and a new 3D software package have made contact depth controlled drilling and routing more versatile than ever. Blind via drilling, back drilling, cavity routing, copper following and other Z-axis machining can be performed easily and accurately.

Tool change belt
The tool change belt was re-developed from the ground up. An antivibration belt and selfsufficient mounting ensure the safe handling of machine tools. Refilling of tools can be carried out during production runs, thereby reducing downtime.

Laser tool measurement system
A laser system helps reducing production failures by measuring diameter, length and radial run-out of tools against pre-defined tolerances.

CNC 84.00
The DRB 610 1+1 uses a state-of-the-art controller by Sieb & Meyer. The CNC 84.00 features fully digitized servo amplifiers, seamless integration with existing IP-based networks. A graphical representation of programs allows the user to perform dry-runs and thereby eliminate errors at an early stage. Using the proprietary “pattern selection” functionality, individuals step + repeats can be executed, this minimizes production and setup cost.