Single spindle DLG

The Drilling machine with automatically Spindle switch over

The ideal machine for Micro- drilling and routing of PCB´s

Hole diameters are getting smaller and smaller, necessitating the need for a dedicated drill spindle – but routing can also be required within the same PCB. All PCB manufacturers recognises this problem. LENZ has the solution. – the DLG 615-1+1. This machine has separate drill and rout spindles, which are selected automatically.

This machine is equipped with 2 different spindles. Both spindles work on the PCB; they are switched over automatically from tool requirements in the programme.

The drill spindle is a high-speed air bearing type for drilling micro and medium hole sizes only. The other spindle is a ball bearing drill and rout spindle (10.000 to 60.000 rpm) for drilling large holes and routing. Various drilling spindles are available with up to 300,000 rpm.

This machine concept is perfectly suited for the optional LENZ multilayer detection system.

The variable clamping system…
is capable of excepting pin diameters from 3 to 5 mm. The front pin is secured with the carbide prism and checked for exact positioning.

Micro drilling pressure foot
A pressure foot with the smallest opening closely encircles the drill bit to ensure the most accurate drilling of microfine holes. During toolchange sequences, this pressure foot swings away from the drilling position to the tool change position, thus permitting full access to the drill bit.
Highest dynamic – 
Linear motor for the Z-axis Virtually friction free linear motor driven X– and Y-axis have been standard specification on Lenz machines for a long time. This drive concept, with all its benefits is also now available for the Z-axis.

High dynamic -friction free – perfect for drilling micro holes and blind via’s
For exact depth controlled drilling and routing Lenz has developed a new pressure foot mounting. Like the spindle holder the pressure foot is also guided with linear guides. This construction provides a rigid connection of the pressure foot, which is needed for high accuracy depth controlled drilling and routing.

Constant drill breakage monitor
The drill bit is constantly monitored during the drilling cycle. As soon as the drill bit monitor detects a broken drill the programme is interrupted and the breakage is recorded. The drill is replaced and the drill programme restarts – automatically, without operator intervention.

Laser Drillcheck System
The LENZ Laser measuring system checks each drill bit for diameter, run out and length. These measurements are checked against pre-programmed tolerances.
If any of the measurements lay outside of the tolerance band, the drill is replaced and a new one selected. In conjunction with the broken drill monitoring system, LENZ drilling machines offer consistently reliable operation.

Perfect drilling of Special materials…
with the CNC controlled Micro Lubrication System – MLS
The systems enables a significant improvement of the drill cycle time (reduced by up to 50%) and an increase of tool life, by lubricating/cooling the tool. By injecting a controlled micro pulse of lubricant into the pressure foot exceptional hole quality is achieved, specially in plexi glass. With various types of lubricants a whole range of materials can benefit from the micro lubrication system.

A. The Job List
The control system monitors the job list and therefore aware of how many stacks are to be drilled to a articular programme before automatically loading the next programme. In this situation, the PCB stacks must be loading into the magazine in correct order. 
B. The Barcode Reader
Each stack has barcode lable attached to it. Upon loading into the machine, the barcode is read and appropriate drilling programme selected and loaded into the computer’s operating memory. In this situation, the PCB stacks can be loaded into the magazine in any order.

Several hundred tools
LENZ shows the way. Developed by LENZ in 1985, the EUROMAGAZIN has become an industry standard throughout the world. The tools are delivered in EUROMAGAZINES and loaded onto the drilling machines as a complete unit.

The fully automatic drilling machine with integrated load and unload system
Optimum machine utilisation with high reliability of operation and improved quality – the fully automatic Model DLG from LENZ points the way. The space-saving machine-loading system operate as combined unit. The magazine holds up to 24 PCB stacks per spindle, and is attached to the back of the drilling machine whilst remaining freely accessible.

The Loading Shuttle…
draws the PCB stack forward into the drilling machine and replaces it back in the magazine upon completion of the programme
Of particular note is the fact that the LENZ automatic load and unload system can handle stacks of various sizes without adjustment. The system can be used for one long production run, or a series of short runs.
The magazine can be loaded and emptied easily, without interrupting the machine operation. The loading shuttle draws the PCB to the drilling machine. Pneumatic clamps centre and lock the tooling pins, while vertical board clamps grip the edges of the stack and hold them firmly to the table.